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This unique integration of yoga and Stand Up Paddle Board, is the ultimate land to sea experience guaranteed to harmonize the mind, body, and soul. Get out of the office, and breathe in the ocean air. Tune into nature, surround yourself with the healing quality of the water, and take time for you! Perfect as a corporate retreat, team building adventure, or an opportunity to live a more mindful and holistic lifestyle. Conveniently located in Point Loma, scenic Shelter Island is a nautical dream come true. The tropical setting at the Kona Kai Resort offers sweeping views of the San Diego skyline and the bayside marina, that's sure to put you in the "Hang Zen" state of mind. The resort itself, combines world class accommodations and superb cuisine. Get out of your comfort zone, and try something new!

partner yoga

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship" ~Buddha

Have fun, laugh and connect! That's our main goal with this unique and creative class offering. While one doesn't normally think of yoga as a team building exercise, partner yoga is quickly becoming one of our most popular programs amongst corporations. Partner Yoga is a practice utilizing two people in every pose. Some are partner-assisted stretches (one person adjusting the other into a deeper pose), while others are a series of poses where both partners mutually receive the benefits together. Practicing with another person is a fantastic and tremendously fun way to expand your yogic journey beyond your individual practice. The word "yoga" itself means Union in Sanscrit, and that is precisely what partner yoga aims to achieve-a uniting of two people in a safe and encouraging environment. The practice of partner yoga teaches us to connect and trust our partner, making this one of the most effective team building exercises. It increases relationship awareness and promotes open communication amongst coworkers and a stable trust system in the workplace.

stand up paddle board yoga

restore & renew

after work revitalizer

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The ultimate Hang Zen experience! A class to cultivate deep states of relaxation, replenish the body's energy stores and facilitate the release of deep-rooted tensions through gentle movements and myo-fascial release techniques.  A nourishing and therapeutic practice in which the body is supported in specific postures through the use of props including bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps.  An opportunity to restore, relax, and heal the body. 

rise & shine

Start your day off, feeling energized, focused, and inspired. This class meets before the workday begins to ensure a calm mind and happy heart throughout the day. A Hatha inspired class, this form of yoga is believed to be the original style of yoga practiced by the Sages who systemized asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation (concentration) as a powerful tool towards self transformation. These techniques are weaved together to help develop personal poise, life balance, grace, and vitality in the workplace.

Keep your employees happy, healthy and fit during the lunch time hours. An all levels class emphasizing flowing sequences and postures synchronized with breath to build heat and increase strength and flexibility. This fluid Vinyasa lunch time flow, cultivates freedom of movement and releases stagnant energy. This class provides the essential skills to grow your practice intelligently. 

Shake off those after-work blues with this fun and invigorating class. Jump start your Hang Zen "happy hour" with a dose of health and wellness. Sitting at a desk all day can be strenuous on the neck, shoulders, back, and hip joints. This class is specifically designed to reduce muscle tension and pain associated with sedentary working positions. Targeting these areas through yoga asana is integral for your future mobility and overall fulfillment. Step away from the computer, and ride the wave of wellness.

lunch & learn