"What makes corporate yoga unique is it gives you a time and a place to creatively brainstorm."


"After the busy work day, Kathryn's yoga class brings me back to my center and let's me be my best self in body and mind."


"Our corporate yoga program is one of the first things that I brag about when recruiting new hires or discussing the perks of my job. Consistent practice has led me to develop a regular exercise and self care routine that has allowed me to be more focused, productive, and calm."


"Perfect way to relax my body and mind after the work day. Kathryn is a great instructor offering many different variations and techniques each week."

"Yoga is a great way to get away from the day to day grind. I always look forward to ending the day on a good note with Kathryn's class. She really makes it fun and extremely relaxing."

"Corporate yoga is a major benefit for me, relaxing the stress of a busy work week and helping me  calm my mind while at the same time energize my body. Kathryn's willingness and ability to be flexible with different practice objectives makes it accessible to all of our employees."

"Having corporate yoga at work reminds me to spend quality time to myself on a regular basis. It really makes my practice a priority. I look forward to my corporate yoga classes every week."


"Kathryn has helped me transform the wellness culture at GreatCall.  We introduced her yoga classes almost three years ago in the office – once a week in the middle of the office where we had a little bit of space.  The interest was high immediately and everyone who participated loved it.  Soon, I got requests for an additional class and employees were saving a spot first thing in the morning to make sure they could attend class.  Each yoga class has at least 20 participants and often there are more men than women.   More importantly, each week someone new gathers the courage to join the class and they are always warmly welcomed.  Kathryn is knowledgeable, fun, encouraging, motivating and dependable.  She always has an inspiring message, a well-choreographed yoga flow and a beautiful savasana that leaves employee's energized to return to work.  She has even inspired people to gather on the weekends and go paddle boarding with her.  She has been a great asset to GreatCall."
~Lynn Herrick

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"Kathryn is a dynamic, highly competent and creative instructor. She brings years of experience and an innate gift for all aspects of yoga to her students. Her sense of joy and enthusiasm translates into her ability to provide a nourishing, growthful container from which we evolve in our practice. It's such a delight and true pleasure having her guidance on this path."

~ Tamara H

"Very relaxing after the workday and a great alternative to the more intense gym classes. No pressure at all, Kathryn is very accommodating to students of all levels."

"I always make it a point not to miss work on Fridays so that I can take Kathryn's class. I look forward to it all week long."

"Corporate yoga has helped my lower back pains and has definitely improved my body's strength and core. Kathryn is a wonderful instructor and she makes yoga enjoyable and worthwhile."

~ Jeanne L

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"Kathryn has been amazing with her weekly yoga lessons. If you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, she has the pose for you! Corporate yoga has helped me relax throughout an otherwise stressful job. I'm so glad our company offers this regularly."

"Most appreciated and necessary on a weekly basis at the office, especially when we practice restorative yoga."

"Corporate yoga has become a mechanism for coping with my anxiety, alongside a spiritual escape from my everyday work life." 

"Kathryn does a great job of instructing you through the different yoga postures and keeps the workout challenging. After every class, I feel more centered, flexible, and at peace."​

"A fantastic way to supplement the workday that echoes throughout the entire week."