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Ashley Pearlman

I first found yoga as I was in a transitional period of my life. During that time, yoga helped me feel more grounded, more in control of my life, and more peaceful. Yoga allowed me to get out of my head, get into my body, and become more present and aware with each breath I take. Being someone who has dealt with depression and anxiety, yoga offered a path out of the darkness. The path is different for everyone but I truly believe yoga can help any BODY. Although I teach many different styles of yoga, my passion lies in teaching Yin. I also enjoy teaching Vinyasa and Hatha, and making one-on-one connections in private lessons. My goal is to create a welcoming and exploratory environment in which you can center your mind, body, and focus. I want to help people find a calm inner being so that they can think clearer, breath easier, move more fluidly, and live better. Knowing how much yoga has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally, it is truly my honor and pleasure to share it with you.

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Heather Gjerde

A 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher based in San Diego, CA. She distills sacred and effective yoga teachings into yoga classes and meditations that are accessible to students at any level of their practice. Heather's specialties include Vinyasa (Hatha) and Tantra (restorative) yoga and guided meditation. She has discovered optimal health and healing through yoga and is dedicated to sharing those resources with others so they can discover their own balance and bliss. She teaches public and private yoga classes, hosts yoga retreats and shares resources online where you can find balance, regardless of where you roll out your mat, at Vintantra


Kenna Crouch

Kenna’s interest in yoga developed around age 20. As a dancer, yoga seemed to come naturally as well as cultivate a much needed strength and awareness; but it was the full feeling of integrity of Being that she experienced on the mat, present with her breath, that made Kenna’s love for Yoga profound and consistent over time. Kenna completed 200-hr. yoga teacher training in 2010 with Sherry Shreck, in the Anusara style, in Encinitas, CA. Through out the years, Kenna’s teaching career has flourished around her heart-felt yoga classes, skilled workshops, inspiring retreats and therapeutic corporate and private practice. In 2015, she traveled to Kerala in southern India for a month to further her yoga studies in Rajanaka Tantra and Vinyasa with Danny Arguetty and Lora Heiner. Yin yoga has also been the subject of recent inquiry and interest after Kenna studied with Joe Barnett in May 2016 in Zurich; she is now officially a 500-hr. trained yoga teacher with nearly a decade of teaching experience, mainly in California, but also Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Now involved in the Yoga Six Teacher Training program, Kenna is thrilled to inspire and sharpen the skills of new teachers in the field, and motivated by all she learns along the way of her never-ending path in Yoga.


Megan Hahn

Megan is an accomplished Pilates, Yoga, Barre, and Bootcamp instructor, and started her fitness career in 2010 teaching mat Pilates classes in Florida. Megan found that studio practice complimented her active lifestyle of running, surfing, and climbing. She became a certified barre instructor in 2012, and in 2014 earned her Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certification. 

With a passion for the outdoors, Megan enjoys trail runs, surfing, and rock climbing. Her classes and instruction provide a way for clients to feel empowered to build and maintain strength to live an active joyful life. Megan currently teaches yoga and group fitness classes throughout North County San Diego, and also offers personal fitness sessions.


Caroline Chiesa

Caroline is known for her compassionate, non-judgemental teaching style by creating a safe and encouraging environment to fit a diverse group of students from beginners, to advanced practitioners. Caroline’s passions are breathwork and helping students feel empowered to become more connected and familiar with their physical bodies, while uniting them with Ātman (the soul, or true self).

Among completion of her 200 RYT at Trilogy Sanctuary, Caroline is also a certified Aerial Yoga instructor and finds tremendous healing and freedom through the aerial arts. She completed her 500 RYT at the Soul of Yoga Institute in Encinitas, and is simultaneously working towards a certification in Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic heath counseling. She’s had the honor and privilege of studying under various experts, with lifetime’s worth of experience in the field of yoga studies.

Caroline finds joy in travel and nature and encourages a feeling of interconnectedness to all things. Ayurveda is one of her greatest interests, and she pulls much inspiration for her classes from the Ashtanga lineage and the teachings of Pattabhi Jois.

Patanjali’s Sutra 1.1 : “Atha yoga anushasanam“ Now, the teachings of yoga...

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Melody LeGoff

Melody was born in Paris, France and came to the USA through a tennis scholarship.

Melody spent over a decade in the corporate world culminating in the position of managing director for a large international corporation. This highly competitive and stress inducing environment provided an excellent environment for her to utilize the meditation and breathwork lessons that she had learned on the yoga mat since early 2008.

Others in her office started noticing a huge positive shift in her attitude and performance at work and soon she was giving guidance on how to be more present, creative and focused by utilizing simple lessons of meditation, movement and breathwork. After some time, Melody decided to make a shift, follow her passion and dedicate her trainings to make Mindfulness easier to practice in the corporate world.

Melody has taught in several countries and practices around the world to deepen her practice and knowledge.